The Farahan design is famous throughout the world.  This colossal design, made of a cotton and wool pile, began in West Central Iran and has maintained its superiority with finer design and classical derivation.  The characteristic of this design tends to be more in the Traditional Royal Jewel tone colors with a very fine and intricate design.  Soft yet rich colors emerge with floral and semi-geometric stylization and a true mirror image, which we recreate in Afghanistan with all the engineering and techniques that one would use in Central Iran.  This design comes in two variations, the first being characterized as an all over layout and endless repeat, and the second type is characterized with the distinctive medallion layout.

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  • Fine treditional Farahan, medallion
  • Fine Farahan, silky finish
  • Fine classic Farahan, fifty fifty quality
  • Fine Farahan
  • Fine Farahan 50/50 quality
  • Fine treditional Farahan design
  • Fine Farahan
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